Reset form counter values in Google forms

Many of you have faced a situation where you do not want to create a new form with associated with a new spreadsheet, just because you want to reset the counters.
As you might be aware by now that its not possible to delete existing responses, hence the only means left is to reset the form.

I have listed below the steps (including snapshots) so as to reset form counters.
Credit goes to Ahab ( from Google docs forum )

This is a sample form

Spreadsheet associated with it

Now spreadsheet after filling few sample responses

Our task now is to remove clean up this and start from scratch. Or reset the link of the form to the spreadsheet and set the couner Form(2) to 0

Step 1: Move the sheet that should receive the form submits to the far left of your sheets, select this sheet and go to the Form tab.
Important: Should you omit this step the form may become reconnected to the wrong sheet!

Add a blank sheet Sheet2

Now we want the responses to be correctly stored in Sheet2. move it to the leftmost

Go to the sheet and open the form editor:

Keep the editor open all the time

Step2 Go back to the spreadheet and delete the form (Form->Delete form), wait a little bit and check in the spreadsheet the form menu item now reads plain Form , i.e without any counter after Form.

Counter changes to 0 after delete

Delete the sheet1 which was associated with the form

Step 3 Go back to the form editor which you left open, edit one of the questions, but make no changes to it, just click Done.

Click save afterwards.

Now your sheet2 is populated with the form column names.

Now close the form editor and start filling the form.

Hope this helps!!!

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