Update CNAME on fatcow hosted domain for ad-sense

Do you have a domain hosted on fatcow or new to it and wondering where you can add the Google ad-sense CNAME record ? There is a setting for bunch of other sites but nothing for FatCow on it. I just had a good experience searching for it and finally achieved it 🙂 Below are the steps you need to follow :
*Assuming you already have an ad-sense account (if not refer here )

Get your pub key id and move forward.

The tricky part is to add this to your “FatCow” hosted domain. Its not that difficult, but you have do some efforts to get it done.

1) First of all, in the “Domain” option on your adminconsole, you need to get an option for “Custom DNS Record”. This is not present by default. You need to get it added by contacting the Support (which can easily and helpfully be done on Chat!). Once done, your domain option will look something like this :
Custom DNS record

2) Once its added Click on “Custom DNS reocrd”. There you need to select your domain and press “GO”.

3) In the first text box where it says “Points To”, put the IP address as shown in the label.

4) In the “Subdomains” section make sure the first entry is www and in the “Points To” put the IP address of your website. On the second line put “test” and in the points to section put the IP/Domain alias or the CNAME here. The reason for the second line with test is because if you put a www entry pointing to “public google doc entry”, you website won’t be reached by “www.domainexample.com” and will default to “Page not found”. Putting a test entry make sure anyone who tries to access your site using www. reaches to the proper site.

The entries should be as shown below :

CNAME settings

And thats it!!!! Isn’t it easy 😉

Please post comments if you need help!

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